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Step 1: Take Pictures

Take a picture of the torn/worn pad. If the machine is not easily identifiable, please take a picture of the machine in its entirety.

a picture of the pad
pads from top

a picture of the machine
pads from side

Step 2: Select your photos

Step 3: text your photos to:

info plate

Please include the name of your facility and a contact name in the text message.

Steps Completed

After receiving your text message, a Fitness Supply upholstery technician will use your photos to create an estimate, most being completed the Same Day

If you would like a technician to come to your facility and create an estimate, Go Here contact Fitness Supply upholstery

will remove, reupholster, and re-install your Chiropractic table upholstery with minimal down-time. Fitness Supply makes it easy. Schedule a Free Estimate today.