Chiropractic Adjusting Tables - Reupholstery

iccentric upholstery solutions is the easiest, most efficent way to have your chiropractic tables repaired

Upholstery for adjusting tables

This image represents an adjusting table - an Apex Lift adjusting table distributed by Allegromedical - Adjusting table

Adjusting table upholstery

The upholstery experts at iccentric can schedule reupholstery of your Chiropractic adjusting tables with minimal down-time. We schedule the removal, reupholstery, and re-install of your chiro table pads according to your schedule. Contact iccentric for all your adjusting table needs.

Is your chiropractic adjusting table in need of an upholstery update or upholstery repair? It's time to contact the upholstery experts.

Upholstery Experts